Owner of "The Lisa King Gallery" in Cape Town, Lisa's two passions are art and acting with a background of art studies at school and a diploma in Advertising and Marketing Management. She has also taken a number of acting classes in South Africa and Los Angeles. 

Born in Cape Town, Lisa has spent her life living in various parts of the world including South Africa, Taiwan, Los Angeles and London where she has studied, worked and travelled.

She was Miss Teen South Africa in 1988 and later runner up to Miss South Africa in 1992 with a few other titles behind her name.

She spent a year working and travelling as a television presenter for a UK company shooting travel documentaries in the year 2001.

She has shot over 50 television commercials worldwide and has had several  cosmetic contracts in various countries. 

Now a mother, Lisa strives on having the perfect balance between her art gallery, shoe business, tubtrug agency, acting and her daughters, Jessica and Rebecca-Rae.



“A healthy intelligent person is one that has figured out the perfect balance between mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and financial. A wealthy person is one whom has worked hard to enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer, but most importantly, a good person is one whom carries love in his heart at all times, no matter what.”

“Happiness is doing things you love with those you care about whilst working towards
your goals. I take one day at a time, live in the moment and enjoy every day as if it were my last!”

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